Handling Volley for the Cure™ Donations

1)  If donors want 100% of their money to go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®:
Ask for checks to be written to Susan G. Komen for the Cure (please list one of the 4 affiliates: NE Ohio, NW Ohio, Greater Columbus or Southwest Ohio), but still ask the donor to give it to you/athletic boosters so you can be the messenger and pass it along with all of your other proceeds at the end of your event. Susan G. Komen for the Cure will write receipts of acknowledgement for that donation with Komen tax id information and IRS documentation as required by law.

2)  If you want access to the money being donated to pay for expenses: 
Ask for checks to be written to your school (athletic boosters) with “Volley for the Cure™” written at the bottom of the check.  Your athletic boosters should write a receipt of acknowledgement for that donation with your school’s tax id information.

3)  Compile the donations following your Volley for the Cure Event: 
Compile all donor checks and all cash proceeds from fundraising activities.

4)  Submit your donation to the proper Komen Affiliate for your area


5)  Thank you notes:
Personalized "Thank You's" from the players are an excellent way to show appreciation and we urge you to do this. Send photos, personal notes or game day mementos to show gratitude. Send "Thank You's" to sponsors, large donors and team parents that helped coordinate.