Getting the Word Out

Pack the Stands with PINK!

In getting the word out, it’s important to focus on the students!

1. Hang Signs– use hot pink paper and white spray paint for eye catching signs!
Add variety to the signs, but keep it simple- like:

  • Help find the Cure!

  • Game @ 7! (add a ribbon or two!)

  • Wear PINK for Monday’s big game!

  • Cafeteria, classrooms, anywhere to attract attention!

  • Don’t forget to hang signs outside of the school too! Local grocery stores, community bulletin boards and store front windows are great places to promote!

  • A neat idea- recycle old ‘political’ yard signs- cover them with white paper and writing with Volley for the Cure info to put in the boulevards!

2. Invite younger Volleyball teams to come to the game to support the older girls! Talk to elementary, jr high/middle school coaches to invite those teams and offer tshirt sales, and recognize them during the match!

3. Announcements– A few times throughout the week, have the school make PA/video announcements to remind students to wear buy raffle tickets, wear PINK and mark their calendars for the big game!

4. Word of Mouth– the easiest & most successful way to get the word out about something! Make sure everyone on the team is talking about the event to friends, classmates, teachers, family members- anyone & EVERYONE!

5. Table during lunch– Set up a table in the middle of the cafeteria a couple of weeks prior to the event. At the table provide information and promote the event with:

  • A Bake Sale

  • Stickers

  • Bracelets

  • Pamphlets on breast cancer

  • Ribbons

  • Sell Volley for the Cure tshirts or merchandise

  • Anything!

6. Contact the schools Public Relationships director, Athletic Director or Athletic Boosters President- These people can help with publicity for the school and athletics. Have them help get the event into the newspaper and on TV.

7. Email, Internet, Cell phones… use technology!

  • Start an email campaign- have the team create an email template that all of the players and parents can forward to anyone in their address book!

  • Send emails out to the influential people in the community (mayors, atheletes, businesses, doctors).

  • If your school has a webpage or an athletics website, ask them to put a simple graphic on the front page to advertize. Also, bring it up with your school newspaper!

  • “Like” the Facebook page “Volley for the Cure Ohio”- & encourage all of your Facebook friends to do the same! Post your event to the wall!

8. Bracelets– The day of the game pass out hot pink paper bracelets at school (like the ones at amusement parks)! Beforehand, write messages on each bracelet like “Game at 7!”, “Volley for the Cure tonight!”.

9. Candy– The day of the game, distribute lollipops! Create a flag label on the stem of each with reminder messages for the game!

10. WEAR PINK!- The day of the game, go to school decked out in PINK! Wear game jerseys, pink beads, feather boas and socks! Encourage everyone to wear their 2011 Volley for the Cure™ tshirt to school that day!

11. Sell tshirts before school on Game Day for anyone who forgot their pink that day!

12. Chalk– Advertise for the game in the school parking lot and available walkways with PINK chalk!

13. Balloons– Have balloons throughout the school and in the stairwells.