Event Agenda Sample

Event Agenda
For your announcer: Young Women & Breast Cancer Fact Sheet: A great way to build awareness.

Introduction of teams
National Anthem
Moment of Silence in respect for all those families affected by breast cancer
Play Ball!

(Insert fundraising such as)
Raffle items will be drawn during timeouts/in between games, Tickets can be purchased until the finish of the first game.
Split the Pot tickets will be sold during the match. (List fun games to increase fan involvement between games)
Thank you to (insert band, pep club or group name) for your support during the game.
Thank you (insert chorus group name) for singing the National Anthem.

All proceeds from this event will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure in the fight against breast cancer. (Insert volunteer/health care provider who is at educational table) will be available to handout information and answer questions at their table (insert location within school).