Educating School and Community

Educating the School

  • Have players create a tri-fold educational board to display on a table at lunches or before school.
  • Present quick facts about breast cancer during the week of the event on school announcements.
  • Ask the health class to teach their breast cancer unit during the week of the event/mention the event during class.

Educating the Community at the Event

  • Invite local health care providers to come with educational displays for a table set up in a prominent location.
  • Have the announcer present quick facts about breast cancer during the match.

Honor breast cancer survivors and families who have been affected by breast cancer.

  • Recognize local survivors by inviting them onto the court during ‘halftime’.
  • Observe a moment of silence at the event for families who have lost a loved one to breast cancer.
  • Offer free admittance to the match for survivors.
  • Have a special raffle for survivors only.